Our Goal:

To increase awareness of transportation options and services for those with disabilities, so that every Tarrant County citizen can become independent and get where they need to go.

We Offer...

Personalized help

with finding the BEST transportation for your situation by calling (682)-587-7099, M-F 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Direct communication

with MY RIDE employees for any transportation questions by emailing us at myridetarrant@gmail.com

Mobility 101

training workshops for caseworkers, caregivers, family members and people with disabilities to learn about transportation services.


We want people with disabilities to have better access to transportation so they can become more independent and participate more fully in the communities where they live, work and play.


At MyRide, we connect people with disabilities to transportation. According to a survey by Go2Work Tarrant County, more than half of adults with disabilities said lack of transportation has kept them from getting to work or appointments.

Disabilities could make getting to a doctor’s appointment, the grocery store or a social outing daunting when family or friends are not available to help. Now, people can contact MyRide counselors for guidance on the following transportation options:

The Bus Service

Fixed Route

The T runs on a regular bus schedule, which can be found HERE. Every bus is wheelchair accessible, and routes run throughout Tarrant County.


Para-Transit (MITS)

The T's Mobility Impaired Transportation Service (MITS) operates as a free service to fixed-route sites. Though advanced reservations are required, users of MITS benefit from curb-to-curb service.


On-Demand Transportation

i.e. Taxis, Catholic Charities, Ride2Work

There are a large variety of other transportation options that MyRide can assist in planning. This compilation of trusted MyRide partners includes paid and non-paid services, all of which can be foundHERE.


Commuter Rail

The Trinity Railway Express, a commuter train, takes passengers on a fixed-route through Arlington, Richland Hills, and Dallas. Serving an average of 2.1 million passengers annually, the TRE is a quick and cheap way to get across town.


The T Headquarters

*A full list of transportation options can be found HERE

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